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The GrowProbe is a simplified moisture meter that allows you to quickly and easily check the soil moisture. Taking the guessing out of when to water.

It has four notches along the body that when pushed vertically into the soil and pulled out again collects the samples throughout the soil.

Using these samples, you can feel the soil and decide whether the plant needs to be watered. If it's moist or wet, check again in a few more days, if it's dry it's time for a water.

As well as preventing you from overwatering, it also aerates the soil! This is great for improving drainage and plant health.



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Care Instructions

- If used on a diseased plant, clean with isopropl alchohol to avoid transmitting it to other plants.

-As the GrowProbe is long and narrow avoid bending it sideways.

-Don't force it, if you find there is any resitance pull the Probe out and try another spot.

-When aerating compact soil, be sure to pull straight up, to avoid snapping it.

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