Kia Ora,

Ko Shayna toku ingoa. My name is Shayna.

I am a plant enthusiast from Wellington, Aotearoa

My passion for plants began when I was living in London after many visits to the beautiful Kew Gardens. After returning home to Aotearoa, New Zealand I began studying horticulture and working as a horticultural technician. Propagating indoor plants became my obsession.

I found that many friends and family were reaching out to me for advice on plant care. They were all struggling with the same issue, overwatering or too much love, as some call it. I loved giving advice and helping people understand what their plants needed, and that's where the idea for GrowProbe began.

I wanted to create an easy-to-use tool that allows anyone, green thumb or not grow thriving plants.

It is essential for me that bringing a product to the market isn't costing the earth, and that's why the product is locally made from recycled material. The packaging is either recyclable or compostable.


Plants provide us with a purpose, a mindful way to spend our time.

Our Values

Passion for plants  

We aim to provide a reliable tool that benefits the health of plants in every home.  

Passion for people 

We're here to help you grow better. Helpful blogs and resources that will to gain an understanding on how to care for plants.

Passion for the environment  

As well as using recycled material for the probe itself, we will only use recyclable packaging and courier bags.